How To Use Bing Keyword Planner

Building the best Bing ad possible really comes down to keywords. If you are stumped about what your clients and customers are searching for, the Bing Keyword Planner can help. The Keyword Planner is a powerful free tool that comes with your Bing account, and you can use it to create targeted keywords that take the guesswork out of finding the most popular searches on Bing.


Once you’ve signed into your Bing account, you will find the Keyword Planner by clicking “Tools” in the top menu. Open it and click “Search For Keywords”. You will be able to enter a variety of products and services that are associated in any way with your business. You can enter up to 200 words separated by commas. Click “Get Suggestions” and Bing kicks out a full list of keywords and ad groups. These can be broken down into incredibly specific categories, like monthly search trends, mobile trends, and breakdowns by location.

There are two tabs below that you should also be sure to check out. One is “suggested keywords” and the other is “suggested ad groups”. Ad groups let you organise your keywords into related groups. After reviewing both tabs, you can select which ones you want to add to your campaign. To see what domain names are the market leaders for the keywords, there is a drop-down menu above the graph. You can use it to tell which sites are performing best at that time.

Bing offers tools to endlessly tweak your results. The Keyword Planner lets you enter specific targeting information that impacts your traffic estimates, historical statistics and keyword suggestions. There is a question mark next to the word “Targeting” that will give you more information. You can also enter your negative keywords, or words that you don’t want included in your suggestions. Bing lets you set a date range to see search data from a specific time period. You can also narrow your results down to keywords that only contain certain words that you choose.

Don’t try to guess what your customers are searching for. Use the free Keyword Planner to help you find the best targeted keywords that will drive better traffic to your site.

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