Top Trends In Facebook Advertising For 2017

It wasn’t really that long ago when businesses were trying to decide if spending money on website creation was really worth it.  Nowadays, even the smallest mom-and-pop shops have websites, not to mention myriad social media accounts.

Although platforms like Twitter and Instagram (among others) certainly have their place, Facebook reigns supreme as the top social media forum for both personal and professional interests, and it certainly offers the greatest opportunities for businesses interested in advertising via social media.  You need to keep up with trends, though, if you want to make the most of your advertising spend.

Facebook Marketing

Incredibly, Facebook is changing all the time, in ways both large and small.  Just look at the recent upgrade to the “like” button.  With a bevy of new, animated emojis, users can now show love, amusement, anger, and more in digital format.

The point is that you need to take advantage of the latest trends if you want to remain in the game and catch the attention of Facebook users via your digital ad campaigns, especially since prices (and corresponding conversions) continue to increase.  Here are just a few strategies that are likely to gain traction in 2017.

Instant Articles

Like corporate offices that create campuses to provide employees with anything they might need in an effort to get them to stay at work longer, Facebook seems intent on providing anything users might have to leave the app to retrieve.  Case in point: Instant Articles.

Think about how you use your mobile devices.  Even while you’re checking posts and messages on social media platforms, you are probably getting a bevy of notifications that draw you away.  Some of these may be from your favorite news feed or aggregator.

Facebook wants you to stop leaving the app to access this content and their solution is to provide this information for you.  Instant Articles is a service that allows publishers to create content specifically for Facebook that loads immediately.  This is better for both users and for Facebook.

Is it better for your business?  Maybe.  On the one hand, clicking on content will no longer lead readers to your website and potentially to other content.  On the other hand, you definitely want to get your content in front of users any way you can, and posting it through Instant Articles helps you to do that.  This is true especially now while it’s an emerging platform hungry for fresh content.

Facebook Live

There’s no denying the appeal of video content, which many users find preferable to text as a means of content consumption.  It’s often a faster and more comprehensive tool for delivering information, and it tends to be associated with entertainment, even if videos are informative in nature.

Facebook Live seeks to take on popular apps like Periscope that allow users to live stream video, cataloging every moment of their lives.  Naturally, businesses can capitalize on this format for advertising purposes.

Consider options like performing live demos, teasing product releases, or launching guerilla-style video campaigns.  You could even start video trends that encourage users to participate by streaming their own videos.  The internet is a visual format, and video content allows you to take full advantage.

Facebook Search Marketing

This is a biggie.  Search marketing is not just for Google anymore.  Search FYI is the latest search tool on Facebook and it personalizes search results by sprinkling in popular posts and trending news stories.

How can businesses capitalize on this new tool?  First, you need to understand that the algorithms are different than Google’s – nothing is easy.  Content popularity plays a major role in its ability to get featured in search results.

This means that SEO isn’t enough.  You also have to focus on creating advertising content that is sharable.  If your content is getting shared, liked, and talked about then it stands a much better chance of being added to search results.


This virtual assistant is Facebook’s answer to mobile helpers like Siri and Cortana, but it’s still in the testing phase so only a handful of users have access at the moment.  Still, now is the time for businesses to start thinking about how they might use this Facebook tool for advertising purposes.  When it opens up to all users, you want to be among the first to take advantage.

Targeting International Markets

Local search marketing has dominated over the past year as many businesses realized how many people add specific places to searches for products and services.  In 2017, focus is shifting to emerging international markets, at least where Facebook is concerned.

With Facebook’s expansion into new markets across the globe (and particularly APAC nations), businesses now have a chance to reach across even more international borders and engage with entirely new marketplaces.


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