Top Tips For Creating Facebook Carousel Ads

Facebook has rolled out their Carousel ad format mid of 2014, this type of advertising format on Facebook works well with e-commerce clients who what to display a range of products to the Facebook user to ensure they increase their exposure and CTR.

Each product has its own title, price, description and url so you have more chances to catch the buyers eye and convert this into an action.

So things to ensure your carousel ads are approved are:

  • The images should be 600 x 600 pixels at least (square)
  • Ad text should be around 90 characters
  • Link headline should be around 25 characters
  • Description for each product should be 30 characters

These type of ads work very well on mobile and can increase your chance of gaining a conversion as the buyer can simply swipe to see more offers.

Multi-product ads

Say you’re an online retailer that’s looking to reach people who browsed your site without making a purchase. Combining the multi-product ad unit with Custom Audiences from your website, you can produce a carousel of different items — like handbags, sundresses and sandals — to show in News Feed to specific audiences.
Best of all with Muzaara, you can create these directly via our platform by using your data feed to import your product level ads into a Carousel format on Facebook.
These can also be used for desktop campaigns, you can create a range of adsets to ensure you gain the most reach and let our system optimize your ROI to ensure your marketing KPIs are met.
Facebook Carousel

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