Three Benefits Google AdWords Can Offer Your Business

Many business owners are wary about investing in pay per click advertising. From the outset, it can seem like a costly endeavour and the thought that a competitor may be clicking on your advertisements with the intention of costing you money may linger at the forefront of your mind.
However, if your business is not visible to your consumers, it might as well not exist. While search engine optimisation (SEO) is an effective tool for generating visibility on Google, AdWords is a complementary mode of increasing your visibility on the results page.


1. Google AdWords is an affordable way to compete with the ‘big guns’

While SEO requires you to have extensive knowledge of marketing, search and technical expertise, pay-per-click advertising such as GoogleAdwords enables you to effectively compete with market leaders in your industry. Google AdWords does not give maximum exposure based upon the price that you pay for advertising space; rather, your advertisement is displayed when it is of quality and relevance to the consumer.

As Google AdWords is pay-per-click, you control how much you spend on an advertising campaign and there is no minimum cost for usage. Therefore, you can compete with the ‘big guns’ without the price tag that comes with hefty advertising campaigns.

2. Google AdWords saves you time

Creating a website that is dependant on SEO for advertising and marketing is a risky strategy that requires an extensive time-investment, during which little or no traffic is directed to your site. Furthermore, maintaining a website that relies upon SEO exposure is a time-consuming exercise which will affect your ability to generate income. Utilising Google AdWords saves you time spent re-writing your website content, instead, you can just log-in and update your keywords as required.

3. Your advertisement will be local and relevant to your consumers

Google AdWords allows you to target consumers based on your location. This also prevents you from wasting valuable dollars by displaying your advertisement to a consumer who does not live in your locality. If you utilise Google Places alongside Google AdWords, your advertisement will display a map of your location, with easily accessible contact details.

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