Secrets For Getting Your Facebook Page To Work With Facebook Ads

Facebook ads can plump up your social media presence and generate interest in your brand. They can also work alongside your Facebook page to target the right audiences and promote your image and brand. When maximising and automating Facebook ads, don’t forget the power of making a strong Facebook page to complement your online marketing campaign, link back to your website, and broaden your outreach. Clever Facebook marketing and a strong Facebook page can ensure that exposure from Facebook ads doesn’t end after the first click.

1. Be funny and interesting

Make your own meme, and post inspiring quotes, funny photos and interesting facts that get people talking, laughing and engaged with your business! Do you run a beauty business? Post a funny meme of a child putting on Mum’s makeup. Run a psychology business? Post inspiring quotes and memes that are positive, uplifting and focus on inner strength. Think outside the box and look for ways to reach a broader audience with fun posts. Run a real estate business? Generate posts with news about events and businesses in the local area that you support, work with and love.


2. You have to be in it to win it!

Encourage Facebook users to like and share your page for a fun competition. This is not only a great way to promote your page and company but the services or products that you offer – make the prize something related to your business.

3. Post fun videos

Keep your content entertaining and light with the power of film. Humorous videos get people talking, sharing and engaging. A funny video also paints your company or brand in a positive light and endears customers to your online image and presence.

4. Post frequently

Post frequently and consistently instead of posting long posts sporadically – the more posts, the more chance that people will see them. Keep them short, snappy, and frequent!

5. Share testimonials on your Facebook page

Make it unique with fun video interviews, photos of work you’ve done, ‘before and after’ photos, and fun photos with happy clients! Don’t underestimate the power of positive feedback and the credibility it will give your Facebook page and business.

6. Interact with Facebook users and get creative

Create a Facebook poll and ask users to vote with the like’ and share buttons. Facebook is a social media site that thrives on interaction and giving users a voice. Polls on topics that invite discussion and controversy, and illicit a reaction are a guaranteed way to get people talking about a fun topic that links back to your business.

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