Why PLAs are guaranteed to drive eCommerce sales in Singapore

Google Product Listing Ads make it easier to click and buy online. It’s simple, streamlined online shopping. Read on and find out why PLAs are the clincher between the click and the purchase of your products in Singapore.

While data shows that Google PLAs are a super effective way to sell products, online retailers in Singapore have been a little slow to embrace this new trend. Yet PLAs are an effective way to share your eCommerce offers, and convince people to buy.

Google PLA Singapore

What are Google PLAs?

PLA stands for Product Listing Ad. You can think of them as a step up from standard text ads. PLAs include product images and essential product information only.

When your potential customers search Google for a product, Adwords allow your results to come up first. You’ve probably seen the first results pop up in a Google search, they are often surrounded by light colour and have a tiny ‘Ad’ stamp next to them.

A Google PLA will have more of an emphasis on the image of your product listing. Unlike Adwords text ads, customers focus on the image of your product without having to read too much text.

A PLA may seem like a similar option to a standard Adwords text ad, but the strategy of sharing an image of your product instead of focussing on text speaks a lot to consumers.

This image is key in securing purchase allowing you to share your product’s aesthetic and essential information. The text shared along with your image is generated by automated feeds managed by retailers, which you can also use strategically for best results.

Why are Google PLAs so effective?

There are two key reasons why this Google Shopping tool helps increase purchases on a variety of eCommerce sites. They are to do with ease of purchase and the appeal of image:

1. The visual advantage

Us human beings are visual creatures, and the ability to see a product before you buy is a surefire way to engage potential buyers to click on your link.

Because more and more people are shopping on their mobile phones instead of their PCs, it’s important you have a clear image of your product. Apps and sites optimised for mobile phones do better with large images. Too much text is difficult to read and skimmed over. When it comes to mobile shopping, a good image reigns supreme.

Google Shopping ads take up half of a display screen on relevant searches. That gives you great visibility on both web and mobile searches.

2. Streamlined shopping

Using a PLA allows a direct path for the customer to purchase your product. This allows for a simple and enjoyable shopping experience.

Customers can easily identify the product that interests them. Rather than being bombarded with irrelevant products, they can simply click directly through to what they want.

PLAs amplify the best parts about buying online with fast, fuss-free shopping. It is a clean and quick shopping experience. PLAs let you speed up the process of getting the product ordered and en route to your customers homes.

Find out how to set up Google Product Listing Ads on Google here

Why are Google PLAs the way forward for eCommerce outlets in Singapore?

Here are the main reasons why Google PLAs are a good strategy for increasing sales and ROI for online shopping in Singapore:

– Spending on Google Shopping ads tripled year-on-year in 2016. Google PLAs let you choose the most effective form for today’s market.

– Some 53% of Singaporeans do their shopping online. They might use online shopping outlets to purchase, but many compare prices, quality and shipping times online before they buy.

– Google PLAs are the preferred item to click on from a Google search. Because shoppers can click straight from the search engine to your product listing, a PLA is the obviously more attractive place to click. The process of shopping is made so much easier for consumers, and it’s a no-brainer.

Choose PLAs for streamlined and seamless online shopping. It’s essential for staying relevant in Singapore’s eCommerce game.

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