Keeping It Local With Facebook

Many businesses find most, if not all, of their customers from an area within a few kilometres of their business premises. Often, in the past, their advertising has been in local media, and some of it may still be. But, if this is your business model, it’s useful to apply the same principles when you automate Facebook ads. Here are some tips to help you ‘keep it local’…

Keep It Local On Facebook

Aim to highlight a local connection in your copy

Think about the things that would be likely to get your local audience talking to each other on Facebook. This might be tied to an upcoming community festival or exhibition, even a reference to what’s happening in the area (e.g. ‘Yes, despite the roadworks, we’re still open for…’). Equally, if you can find a tie-in between the history of the area and your business, that can also build ‘our place’ loyalty in customers’ minds.

Appreciate exactly who your audience is within your local target area

Any advertising is more effective when those reading it feel that ‘they’re talking to us’. Consider the age range and interests of those who are most likely to form the majority of your local customer base. From that, assess what will make them keen to do business with you, again with a local slant if possible. A restaurant that uses local produce and a building services company with wide experience of working on properties within a specific location are examples of this.

Don’t forget to provide important ‘action’ information

Although the majority of the respondents are likely to be local, this doesn’t mean that others will not also be interested. People might be visiting your area, particularly if it’s a popular location for those enjoying time off. Also, it’s highly likely that your Facebook advertising might be passed by friends to those outside your immediate target area but with a specific need for the products or services you provide. Therefore, a simple action, such as ensuring you include a ‘Get Directions’ button in your ads, can make a substantial difference to the response you earn.

Used effectively, including giving thought to the tips covered above, locally focused Facebook advertising can be an important part of your business’s success.

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