Intelligent Algorithm

Your Google PLA and Facebook ad campaigns will automatically adjust to show the ads that work best.

Our platform doesn’t just automate the process of creating and managing Facebook and Google ad campaigns.  Our platform will monitor your CTR, ROI and CPC and automatically optimise your ads to ensure you get the best ROI.

Our campaign management algorithm constantly monitors all activity on your campaign—which ads are placed when, who sees them, and how they perform, all in real-time. Any information that Google and Facebook provide is information that our algorithm can analyze.

And if we can analyze it, we can use it to your advantage.


Muzaara takes all of the information about your ads and ad campaigns and crunches the numbers to see what combination of factors works best. From specific advertisements to specific demographics to when and where your ad is shown, our smart-automation campaign management platform is constantly testing and improving to make sure your advertising dollars are being spent in the way that maximizes your return.

This is a task many companies achieve by hiring a full-time PPC expert. Collecting, analyzing, and interpreting the data takes a lot of man hours, and it doesn’t necessarily translate into action. Our algorithm automates the entire process, giving you optimised results without the human resource expense.

With the Muzaara optimization algorithm, an intelligently managed campaign is within reach for even the smallest e-commerce business, yet our platform is powerful enough to handle enterprise-level campaigns. Any budget, any product list, any demographic: if you’re advertising on Google and/or Facebook, we can help you do it more effectively and efficiently.

Our ad placement optimization algorithm is just one of the ways our clients see increased value in their campaigns.