Increase ROI

Ensure ongoing growth with the ability to create and change campaign rules on the go.

When it comes to your eCommerce advertising campaigns on Google and Facebook, there’s only one question that really matters: are they making you more money?

Ads have a purpose, and it isn’t generating clicks and racking up impressions. It’s making sales, and putting real money in the bank. All too often, though, businesses fail to properly manage their ad campaigns, and they end up losing money because they don’t know how their campaigns are performing, let alone have the tools to make the necessary adjustments.

Muzaara not only gives you an automated, intelligent way to monitor your campaigns, it gives you tools to easily adjust those campaigns to make sure you’re maximizing your returns.

Our platform does a lot of the work for you, automatically creating ads and optimising ad placement with an algorithm that learns what combination of ads and audience works best and makes sure the right ads get in front of the right eyes with ever-increasing accuracy. It also tracks your spending, your cost-per-click and cost-per-action, and can start or stop campaigns based on criteria you set.

Even with all that, though, we know you’d like to be in full control of your ad campaigns, and we’re happy to provide it. That’s why our platform enables you to change your campaign audience’s demographics, change your ad messages, change your spending limits, and change your CPC bids on the fly, any time.

Access all your campaigns on both Facebook and Google from the same spot, and make all of the adjustments you want from a single screen—no need to go through the process of making each little adjustment to every campaign on two entirely separate platforms. With Muzaara, you can change your campaigns with ease.

Automated ad creation and optimisation with full control over the structure of your campaign means you’ll always be poised for growth.