How It Works

You want ads that work: ads that show your target audience everything you have to offer, and ads that actually get clicked by the right people—people who are going to buy.

You know that an effective PPC campaign can mean a whole lot of revenue for your online business, and you know you need to be smart in creating and managing your campaign to see the ROI you’re looking for.

But taking the time to create ads for all of your products, create rules for your ad campaigns on Facebook and Google, set bids and spending limits, and then keep track of it all and make adjustments based on the data…few small businesses have the time or expertise to make the most of their ad campaigns, and many of them languish as a result.

Muzaara’s platform enables you to quickly and easily create ads for each and every one of your products through an automated process, and create rules for both your Facebook and Google ad campaigns that can be changed on the fly.

We make the setup process as easy as possible, but that’s just the beginning. Once your campaigns are live, our intelligent algorithm monitors all incoming data to quickly learn what ads work best with your demographics. It uses that information to automatically optimise your campaigns, giving you the lowest possible cost-to-action and the highest possible ROI.

Here’s how it works.

First, you upload a file or input a URL to your product list’s data feed. Input each property name into the appropriate field in the Muzaara platform, and we’ll instantly have a database with unique product names, prices, and other descriptive elements that will be used to automatically generate unique ad titles.

Whether you have a few dozen products or tens of thousands, you’ll have completely unique ads for each and every product in minutes. If there are certain products you want to exclude for any reason, all it takes is a few clicks, and you can even set rules like price minimums to automatically remove any items you don’t want advertised.

If your data feed is input via a URL, and changes will automatically be captured by Muzaara’s platform, and your ads will be adjusted without you lifting a finger.

You can also input a custom ad message, of course, then quickly set parameters for your campaign. Get as detailed as you want with the demographic information and set your price limits—whether with a daily maximum or by setting start and end dates and a limit for your campaign’s lifetime—and you’ll be ready to go live!

Once your campaigns are running, the real magic begins. Muzaara not only makes it easy for you to adjust your campaign spending and other rules, it actively tracks your campaign’s success and makes adjustments based on what’s working and what isn’t. You’ll start seeing a downward trend in your cost-per-action as more effective ads are shown to more relevant viewers, and that means climbing sales and a far more efficient ad spend.

Of course, we know you want to be able to make adjustments to your campaign, too, and to check on its progress in a way that’s easy to access and easy to understand. Our all-in-one dashboard lets you take a detailed peek at any of your campaigns, on Facebook or on Google, using the same straightforward display and the same simple controls.

No more need to spend your time navigating two completely different systems to try and see which of your campaigns—and which ad platform—is doing the best. See exactly how to optimise your ad spending with a single glance, and design campaigns that get even more effective with Maazara’s help.

Easy and automated ad creation, single-stop campaign management for all of your Google and Facebook ad campaigns, and intelligent, automated monitoring that makes sure the best ads are being placed in front of the best targets. We have everything you need to make your eCommerce advertising easy, effective, and lucrative.

Are you ready to see how it works for yourself?