Highly Targeted

Product-specific ads and audience-specific placement, all automated and analytically optimised

When you’ve got dozens, or hundreds, or thousands of individual products to sell, the idea of making product-specific ads might seem overwhelming. Hours of data entry where any mistake could end up costing you big time with a misrepresentative ad, inputting each individual ad into your Google and Facebook campaigns, then tracking your inventory to make sure you’re only advertising products you can actually sell…

It’s a technical and logistical nightmare.

With Muzarra, all you need is a data feed, either uploaded as a file or imported from a URL, and you can have a unique ad created for each of your products in a matter of minutes. Once you’ve uploaded or connected your data feed, you’ll be able to map your product attributes to the appropriate fields, then sit back while our automated program takes over and creates an individual ad-based on each product’s specifications.


Literally thousands of product-specific ads with just a few minutes of setup. It’s that easy. And with a connected data feed, our platform will know every time you add a product, run out of inventory, or change a price or other specification, and will automatically adjust your campaign accordingly—you don’t need to do a thing!

Product-specific ad creation and automated campaign adjustment is only the beginning, though. With thousands of ads, there are thousands of opportunities to test different products against different subsets of your selected demographics, and our ad optimising algorithm does exactly that.

You get ads that are targeted in terms of what they offer and who they offer it to.